Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to . . . ME! :)

I bet I am the first blogger to post about her own birthday, but I'm elated and felt like sharing. lol! I'm going to start on the next chapter of my FanFiction (Children of the Sun) and maybe begin the outline for my NaNo novel since the contest starts on the 31st! :0 Then again . . . it is my birthday. I'll save the outline for tomorrow, I think.

Writers: Do you write on your birthday/holidays, too? :)

Off to have 17 year-old birthday fun, whatever that is. lol!


  1. *sings* Happy birthday toooo youuuu!!!! :D No, you're not the only one. I blogged about my birthday too. ;) Good luck on your FanFic and your NaNo outline! (I am soooo pumped for NaNo!)

    Pshaw, yeah I write whenever I can! I didn't write on my birthday this year but then again I haven't been writing at all for like the past few months :/ Blarrrgh. Anyway …

    Happy 17th! 17 is kind of a weird age … because when you're 16 it's like "WOO SWEET SIXTEEN!" and when you're 18 it's like "WOO I'M AN ADULT!" and when you're 17 it's just that random age in between. :D Well, I hope you enjoy being 17 (more than I did anyway … heh heh).

    Luurrrrve the new blog background, btw! :)

  2. Thanks! You're right. I also thinking something magic is going to happen on my 18th . . . hmm, but it won't. I don't know. :P
    Do you? I spent like ten minutes trying out different ones!

  3. Well … I don't really feel any different now that I'm 18. Haha :D

    Mmhmm. Yeah it takes me forever when I choose a new background too. There are so many cool ones!

  4. I meant to ask you. On the post before this, did you see the reference to the painting or is that just me? :D

  5. Happy Birthday, Alex! Seventeen is that classy age, a very charismatic time, enjoy it!

    And best wishes with NaNoWriMo. I'm joining the ranks for my second year.

  6. Thanks! October 2nd and October 31st are my favorite days! lol!
    If you have time one day, check out the Friday Fiction #1 and #2. There are only 3 so far, but I think that'll change once I make it a habbit.

    What are you writing about this year? Did you win last year? Thisll be my second time as well. I hope I WIN this one!

  7. I did win last year at 52K. That novel was accepted last May for publication in print and ebook and will release in April 2011. It's a paranormal (supernatural) romance mystery. Book one in a trilogy.

    I think you win just by starting, btw! However much or little you write, you still have good material to work with.

    This year I'm writing a YA fantasy about a girl who leads her medieval village when civil war breaks out and saves an enemy soldier much to the chagrin of the town. ;) Of course they fall in love! Of course he turns into a good guy! Of course no one understands this until the end! LOL! ;) There's nothing like stories of redemption.

    What are you writing about? :D I need to do my cover art soon and write my tagline.