Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Characterization— Symptoms (Part I) Ignorance

I’ve noticed two worse-case scenarios increasingly making themselves comfortable in the novels of unsuspecting writers. Their names are Two-Dimensional, Mary Sue/Gary Sue. Though some would argue against it, the two are different in my opinion. They, however, are equally lethal.
Before we go into that, there are few things we need to discuss:
First off, ignorance is a symptom which plagues many first-time novelists. Such mortality can often mean the difference between a writer and an author. Many may think their beginner status makes them immune to any sort of responsibility, leading up to, but not excluding research. The truth is, you never stop researching! How can you know what’s wrong with your work if you don’t know anything about writing?
Unfortunately, there is no cure for ignorance but that of critique and— you guessed it! Research!

There’s more coming soon!
Still waters always run deep!!!