Thursday, September 30, 2010


There's going to be a snippet this Friday, that I promise you!

I have to go finish homework. Ugh. Then it is back to writing. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


For two Fridays in a row I forgot about Friday Fiction. Crazy. I've been rather busy, though. I'm sorry guys! I promise to post something worthwhile soon, but I have to Beta (edit) two FanFiction stories tonight. This requires most of my attention. lol!

I have three posts I really want to do this week, so look for them!

Srill waters always run deep! (Hope you understand what that means by now!)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meeting Reliant Plums

Yes, I know I have neglected my blogging duties, but with good purpose, I assure you.

I have been writing.

First, thanks to a helpful Indian author, I no longer fret over writing about the country in Golden. We’ve talked about my character Amit’s family life. This, among other things crucial to the story, has finally settled. I start writing in November.

This brings me to another topic: the potential novella I told you about a few posts back. It features a spin-off story of a novel I’m working on right now called Sleep. The main character will indeed be a girl named Mei. Strangely enough, since I just love torturing myself with the unknown, something tells me this story will be set somewhere in China or Japan. Since Golden is also set in China, I’m hoping she’ll end up being Chinese . . . but, knowing my characters, she’ll end up born Japanese and I’ll have yet another place to research. I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, has some interesting information:

Mei (1)
Gender: Feminine
Usage: Chinese
Other Scripts: 美, 梅 (Chinese)
From Chinese 美 "beautiful" or 梅 "plum".

MEI (2)
Gender: Feminine
Usage: Japanese
Other Scripts: 芽依, 芽生, 芽衣 (Japanese)
From Japanese 芽 (me) "bud, sprout" combined with 依 (i) "reliant", 生 (i) "life" or 衣 (i) "clothing, garment".

“You keep mentioning Sleep”, you say. “What is it about?”
The only answer I can give right is, “You’ll find out Friday!”

I have written a short FanFiction for a contest. Sadly, that’s the only information you’ll have until November, when the results are given. Contest rules forbid me from giving any further information on the one-shot. Stupid rules. However, as far as progress on my current FanFiction Children of the Sun goes, it is coming along nicely. Chapter Seven is well on its way after about a month of being on hold. No more laziness . . . aside from homework.

In conclusion, I’m in Writer Heaven where my only problem is deciding what to work on next. :D

Still waters always run deep!