Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wonderful, huh? I'm so excited!
For those of you who don't know, November is National Novel Writing Month! Startting tonight at 12:01, the competition begins. All participants try to finish a 50,000 word novel between Nov. 1- Nov. 30. What hapens is we download our novels before the end of the month, the website does an atomatic word count. If we have 50K by Nov. 30, we get a nice certificate and the satisfaction of finishing a novel in a month.
All through October, I've been planning my novel, which I'll start tonight. I've got candy, popcorn, my laptop, my ipod, and a comfy chair. Guess you can say I'm ready! This novel is going to be printed by my uncle for my family's enjoyment. Horray!
Just so you can enjoy it as well, I'll post snippets as I write. For now though, here's a banner I made:
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Wish me luck!
Still waters always run deep!
*Happy Halloween!*

Characterization II- The Lazy Train

This is one of the worst things to which a novice author can submit. Naturally, humans shy away from excess work, but there comes a time when we MUST fight this in order to accomplish anything. Common sense, right? Not for some people.
For me, this is the worst trait a new writer can have; how can you expect others to consider you a writer if you refuse to do so? The same thing goes for those who ask for creative inspiration from others, or write, but cringe when it comes to revisions. No doubt, changing something as personal as a novel is a frightening thought. However, it does not need to be so!
Unlike ignorance, laziness is not so easy to cure. It takes time and effort: two things a lazy writer may fear. They write when they wish, and how they wish, regardless of what the writers they adore are doing. Is there really anything wrong with this trait if the people in question are children? Not necessarily— unless you hope to be an author someday. It is then that this becomes a problem, one which can murder any potential career.
Since we are here to talk about characterization, I must stick to that, or else this will be a never-ending post! J
*Takes a deep breath*
Characters can be frightening people at times. You hate them and you adore them at the same time! They are what drive your story whether you know it or not. Their actions and reactions cause the story to flow— without them YOU HAVE NO STORY!
The hard part is understanding exactly what your job is as a writer. You can a.) create characters or b.) let them create themselves. Usually, this is quite a difficult concept to grasp, so I’ll try and make it easier for you.
You’re sitting in your room one day when suddenly BAM, an idea hits you! However, it is quite so violent: you’ve met a character. Let’s call him Fred for lack of a better name. He says he is an alien with blue skin, yellow eyes, and a slim body. That’s all you know for now, so you open a notebook. Believe it or not, this is where many writers go wrong! You chose not listen to Fred, and instead, simply write what you fancy, or what you think might make a more interesting story. Here’s an example of a would-be writer’s notebook:

I want Fred to have red skin, instead of blue. He needs X-ray vision and a freeze ray.

*blinks* Okay? That’s all?
By this simple action, you no longer have a character in your head— you made him what you wanted him to be, therefore Fred is no longer real.
You don’t always have to listen to your characters though. Of course you can give them traits, but bare in mind that this is a very difficult task. It requires more than the basics. You’ll need to understand the character, why they want what they want, what they’re willing to do to get it, and what they would never do. I cannot stress enough how vitally important these answers are; without knowing at least this, you have little hope of enjoying the novel you write.
So get off the lazy train, everyone! Think, imagine, create . . . WRITE!
Good luck on your writing endeavors!

Still waters always run deep!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Books I Loved!

Part of being a writer is reading whenever you get the chance; therefore, I thought it would be a nice to share the titles and my personal reviews of the books I couldn't put down.

I, as a writer, tend to dissect the novels I read, almost to where they aren't enjoyable anymore. A select few, however, manage to avoid this. There's something about them that just rocks! 0_o

There are about twenty-five or so out the 170 I've read this year. I hope to share them with you.

And it is with great pride that I announce The Book Chalenge! I'll dare to read fifty different novels in one month and write reviews on all of them. The challenge begins November 1st and ends November 30th. Bare with me for a bit as I gather my list . . .

If you have any suggestions, they'd be welcomed!

Remember! November is National Novel Writing Month. Let's break out that computer and write til our fingers bleed-- 0_o or maybe, something a bit less nasty? Ha ha!

Still waters always run deep!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big News!

First off, I want to appologize for not posting when I said I would. The new post was to be today. I, however, I am very busy, and would prefer to wait until I can give the promised post my full attention.

What am I doing, you ask? 0_o

^deep breath* An uncle of mine owns a printing company and my family has asked that I write a short novel to print for them to enjoy. Please note that this is NOT the same thing as publishing. The only gain for me is to satisfy the nagging members of my family. "Done with your book yet? When will it be done? Well, why don't you know?"
*sigh* I hope this short novella will get them off my back for a while! :)

See you soon! Several updates on the way.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wow! These past few weeks have been crazy!!!
For starters, I'm older now. Birthdays are always exciting. Funny, though, I don’t FEEL older . . .
I got a laptop! Yay! That’s a heck of a gift, huh? I also went to Homecoming last night for another school. After that, we ate at IHOP! At 2 o’clock in the morning! My friends and I all looked like homless people . . . (no shoes, mismatch clothing). HA HA!
Sorry I haven’t posted in FOREVER! No worries, please. I have all my characterization pages ready, and the next post is Wednesday!
Part One (the LONGEST part of Sleep) has one more chapter to go before completion. I’ve been working like crazy!