Saturday, August 13, 2011

If She Can Vlog Everyday, I Can Write

Seeing as how YouTube is such a big part of my life now, you'd figure it'd take time away from my writing, distract me so all the pretty words in my head would fade.

Not true.

There's a girl on Youtube, one of the partners who gets paid to upload content there. It's her job. Her life. Like writing is for me. Kate records and uploads a vlog onto YouTube every. Single. Day. I've been a DediKater for about two months now, but she's on day 270-something. She inspires me- I figure, If she can vlogs everyday, why can't I write everyday?

You see problems with this idea? So do I! While it's a nice thought, sometimes life gets in the way of writing. School is supposed to be my 'job' of sorts, my priority. Most teen writers understand when I say it most certainly gets in the way. And, just as Kate cannot always post a long video, I cannot always find time to write more than ten words.

Here's the thing: That's okay.

Holy Lisle says something similar, actually. It's alright if you can only write a few words or even no words at all. You shouldn't beat yourself up about it. I think the sooner writiers realize this, the easier writing gets! I've learned to cherrish the time I AM writing, not dwell on the times when I am not.

I also learn to utilize the time when I CAN write. Free time goes to writing at least a thousand words a day. It isn't difficult and I often end up writing a lot more, or at least setting up a scene for future writing time.

So, I guess the lesson is, write when you can. Don't feel bad when you can't; there's always tomorrow. :D

It's been a while since I've done this.

Friday, June 10, 2011

No, DC. Just No.

I don't know if any of you read comics or watch Superhero movies or whatever. Hell, this may not be interesting to anyone. However, it's something very important to me, so I chose to blog about it.

DC has announced they are going to reboot their line of character, making them younger and more appealing to 'today's audience'. I don't know many people my who read comics, so I have no clue who the heck they're trying to make changes for. At first, I was a bit worried, but still quite curious about what they had in mind.

My favorite DC character is Harley Quinn, the accomplice and girlfriend of the Joker, batman's arch enemy. Those of you who have seen The Dark Knight will know at least two out of the three. Harls is just amazing to me. She was a psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker while he was in Arkham Asylum. He twisted her mind, broke her down into something base, animalistic, and as free as he needed her to be. SHe's utterly mad and adorably dangerous. She gigles at death and is utterly devoted to the Joker (she did break him out of Arkham, after all) and likes hitting people with blunt objects. I can go on and on forever about how much I adore her and how complex she is. I just love her to bits and she's been such an inspiration to me for quite some time. I've studied the clown doll and her Mr. J as much as I could, and I even wrote two papers on her and their relationship. So you can see I love her.

Here's how she looked originally. The look that actually fits how twisted and beautiful she really is:

There's a video game that came out called Arkham Asylum. She had a cute outfit that made fun of her usual doctor's uniform. Plus, we also had the actress from the animated series in which Harley made her debute (the amazingly talented Arleen Sorkin) come to reprise her role as the voice of Harley. See, I'm not averse to change, although I did miss her usual costume. Still- Harley was there and I could console myself with the idea that she hadn't found her costume yet or that she would rather make fun of her usual uniform. Overall, she was fun, pretty, and the usual dangerous clown doll we all know and love. I'm just trying to explain that I don't instantly hate change. Until now.

This is her new look. And it makes me want to . . . I don't know. Cry, I think. 'Harley' looks terrible, unrecognizable. And this is what 'today's audience' wants? A NON-CLOWN? And yes she's a more sexual character by nature, but . . . who is this? I don't even recognize her. This means her relationship with the Joker might change as well. I assume, with this thing as a 'sidekick', he'll become a more sexual character, as opposed to the asexual one he's always been. After all, we want to appeal to 'today's audience', don't we? *throws something at far wall*

No, DC. Just no.

Even if you don't know what I'm talking about- well, I'd like your opinion on which is better. It might help to get an outside opinion.
Please comment!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bored blogging :)

I'd just like to say I only have a week of school left before summer vacation. :D Yay! As always, I've been so busy . . . blogging sort of got put on the back-burner. I hope, with the coming days, I'll get back to it.

This summer I'll be doing Camp NaNoWriMo. Whatever that is. No, really, they only just announced it a few weeks ago. It's supposed to be like National Novel Writing Month, only instead of November, you'll now have the chance to write in the summer- I'm guessing July. Although June would be very nice, of course!

As you know, I have a sort of secret project going on. Planning is coming along great and the story is really forming into something . . . creepy. I'm supposed to use a word like 'Beautiful' or 'nice' here, but that would be wrong. It's creepy. Well, to me, at least. I can tell you it is not horror- but that's all I'm saying for now. :D

I REALLY hope Camp NaNoWriMo is soon because, while I don't need the motivation to write, it does help keep things moving. And I get a bit of competition in. AND I get an excuse to work on the novel relentlessly for a whole month! Well, I was going to do that anyway but now I have an excuse!!!

Have a nice day!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Change It Up :)

While working on my new project, I came across something I wanted to share with you. Authors are constantly telling you to avoid stereotypes and to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to characters. I’d heard it, but I never fully understood the impact it could have on your work until now.

My next novel has a minor character who is an assassin. I was very tired when I wrote the scene and didn’t really try to figure out anything about the character since I didn’t think it mattered. I called him ‘Victor’ and went on writing. Or tried to, at least. I didn’t get very far before scrapping the whole paragraph. On a whim, I started over, this time calling the character ‘Viper’.
That little change got me much farther.

Why? Because Viper is a girl, and a very strange one at that. She’s supposed to be an assassin, yet her very being screams otherwise. White-blonde hair swept back into a ponytail, light blue eyes, minimal make-up, a cream-colored outfit, and heels. She’s mute, so anything she could say to negate the image she projects is not likely. While it may not be the most original appearance, I find myself intrigued now, and so does my main character. Viper opens up an entirely new atmosphere than the throw-away ‘Victor’ did, and for that, I am grateful.

I can more forward now.

So, today's lesson: Think outside the freaking box already! :D


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Swear, I've Got to Start Blogging More Often!

It’s been a while since I last blogged, so I think bullet points are in order if I’m going to recap what’s been going on:

* So, I was invited to audition for Talented Theatre in February. I made it! So, every week, alternating between Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I meet for Talented at school. Basically, I now get to work with some amazing people on whatever crazy thing we’re doing that day. I love it!

* I wrote an essay I’ll be posting here soon: Mad Love: A Psychological Analysis of Harley Quinn. My psychology teacher certainly enjoyed it!

* I was offered the chance to take an online writing course for free. Holy Lisle’s 7-week Plot Course is very helpful, even after only two weeks! I think it is the only free course available, as it serves to entice writers into possibly taking the other courses one day. I’ll certainly be taking it again next year, as it is something beneficial to all writers, not just novices. While plot isn’t necessarily difficult for me after three novels, this course added extra insight to characters, scenes, and beginnings I would not have gotten otherwise. The simple exercises resulted in more ideas than an hour’s worth of sitting in front of the computer scene. Ha ha! Anyway, it’s disclaimer time: I am in no way affiliated with Ms. Lisle or anyone associated with her. I only wanted to make this writing course known to anyone who might be interested.

* Just in case you were wondering . . . I took Ms. Lisle’s course specifically because I had only just started a new project and felt it the perfect opportunity. Since I don’t want to build it up before I actually finish, I’m keeping info on the project very hush, hush. For now.

I promise to post on a more regular basis. I’m working on a schedule or something right now.

For your entertainment, here’s the latest blogging sensation, the poster-child for How NOT to handle a review, Ms. Jacqueline Howett. I’ll refrain from giving my input for now, as I’d like to see how you react in the comments. Go read this review, then read ALL of the author’s comments below it. All I can say is ‘Wow. Just wow.’ *shakes head* This woman must be what gives the other Indie-authors a bad name! The review was highly professional, in my opinion, and certainly not as harsh as it could have been. Anyway, enjoy: