Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fiction: Rated R!

Friday again? I haven't posted anything in, like, weeks. If it helps, I have had a lot to do. At this moment, I'm Beta-ing (editing) two FanFiction chapters. I have three more to Beta for someone else. I hate to say it, but all these 'assignments' are taking their toll tonight since I've doing that since I got home from school. Not that I am really complaining, for I enjoy this so much!
Anyway, I want to update more soon, maybe even do a few NaNoWriMo posts next month! For now, I'm working on polishing up the next chapter of my FanFiction, Children of the Sun, which has been delayed for two months because of merciless revisions. But, hey, won't I be doing this for a novel soon? This is just as important to me!
So, can you guess what you get this week? Yet another part of my one-shot FanFiction Between Daggers and Ice. This one is in Mai's point of view while imprisoned in the Boiling Rock. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Rated R for . . . violence? That's just me being cautious; I'd give it a PG13 rating (or 'teen' rating).

My cell was cramped, chilly at night and sweltering when the sun came up. I rarely moved from the battered cot on the floor no matter where the other prisoners went. Not so much because I didn’t wish to go outside, to eat, to run, but because I simply couldn’t. Everything hurt too much.
As if on cue, another damn boy entered my cell. I was well past tensing up and fighting. I did not scream; I was prepared, ready with my own unique defense. Closing my eyes, I willed my body to relax. I figured I was not the only one to go through this, but I knew I was better off than most. The stranger overtook me, reeking of sweat and dried blood. A whimper threatened to escape, but I stifled it, my teeth clamping on my lower lip until I tasted blood.
Zuko . . .
Just like that, he was there above me, whispering my name. Pain melted away, replaced by a burning sense of pleasure. He was being more rough than usual, but I didn’t mind so much. It was the kind of thing to do when you were angry and horny at once, the kind of fuck to make a lover feel bad. I felt his teeth graze my shoulder and a thrill traveled down my spine. Once, before I assured him he did not need to remain a Prince, nor I Lady beneath him, Zuko would unwittingly irritate me, nuzzling when I wanted him to bite. Now we could be ourselves. More importantly, now I permitted myself to feel.
I believe I shouted his name, only to receive a sloppy kiss to shut me up.
Then, I remembered the last time I saw him, the images overwhelming me despite my protests. “You miscalculated. I love Zuko more than I fear you.” His bitch of a sister was going to kill me— and I was prepared to die if it meant saving him.
Hair, coarse and dirty, brushed my cheek, and my eyes flew open to see the stranger’s strikingly pale strands. Confusion took hold and this did not belong here, where all should be perfect. As reality surfaced, I struggled to hold onto my lovely delusions . . . before they shattered.
My eyes closed and I clamped down on my lower lip, praying to Agni for it to be over. This I could bear no longer. This man was no lover, no Zuko. My body ached, fighting him without my knowledge or consent. Pain crested unbearably and a scream ripped from my throat. This time, he slapped me so hard my face whipped to one side and color exploded behind my eyes.
When it was over, I’d lost at least an hour. I lay there, sobbing, murmuring Zuko’s name, not in ecstasy, but as a plea.
He would come to save me. He had to. I could only feel so much.
See ya!


  1. This is very well written, Alex, with some interesting observations.

    Most publisher's won't accept depicted rape, though. I suggest avoiding publishing stories with graphic sex and/or sexual violence because there's such a limited audience and you'll brand yourself in ways you won't appreciate when you're famous.

    That being said. Awesome writing! :)

  2. Karen- lol! This was the best comment I have ever read!