Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tid Bit

My name is Alexandra Leigh Meyson.

Okay so it’s a pin name, but whatever. At least I'll be writing under it if I ever do get published.

My novel is titled Sleep, but don't get too excited because I'm still in the "10% stage". That's right, it’s not finished yet! But you're welcome to stay if you'd like.

Let me start off by saying I will not permit the sharing of personal information (i.e. name, addresses, phone numbers, ect.) as it could cause problems, obviously.

I'll blog when I am able, meaning when I am bored, inspired, giving advice ect.
Here's what I'll blog about if you care to read:
1. My novel (of course I'll be giving way more information than just the title!!! However, I am pressed for time at the moment, so I figure I'll get the basics out of the way.)
2. Me!!!!
3. Unwritten Rules of Writing
4. IMPORTANT rules of publishing!
5. Do's and Don’ts of writing
6. Random stuff
7. Helpful Websites
8. Good books
9. Books that put publishers to shame

Alright, I must be off!
Still waters always run deep!!

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