Friday, May 22, 2009

Fighting to Freeze

Good morning everyone!

Wow, I have a blog. Shows you what sort of nerd I am! I think, however, that it will help me organize my thoughts about freezing. (See first post for explanation!)

Before we begin my unprofessional rambling, I would like to take the time to establish my rank in the publishing world: my hand is on the doorknob, but of course the door is locked. How do you open it? What’s beyond that door? Not everyone knows the answer to this question; not even a published author can fully explain how it feels to edge your toe in the doorway, or the impossibility of nonchalantly walking inside, or how it feels to be shoved back out again, nursing the wounds you received.

Can I answer that question? Heck no! Not simply because I am entirely uneducated, but because I have yet to unlock the secret to being “The Perfect Author”, which as far as I’m concerned, does not exist as such. Every author has a certain tragic flaw— this is how you know your work is improving: when you can step back, criticize your own work and take constructive criticism from others without being offended.




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