Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prompting, anyone?

My brain is fried. Cause: I'm trying to finish a Summer Reading book by a miss Zora Neale Hurston. Nothing is wrong with Their Eyes Were Watching God, but it is a bit slow to start and the dialect is Southern. 'Nuff said. I can say this because I am from the South and know how people spoke a long time ago. :) Therefore you can see how reading "Ah'm" instead of "I'm" begins to burn after a while. lol!

Because procrastination is my friend, I decided to write an unplanned blog post.

Why have I put up a picture of a milkshake, you ask? Well, because I like milkshakes, silly! No, it's because I wanted to let you know of a writing propmt I'm thinking about using sometime for an Airbender FanFiction.


Yummy, right? Although I don't think it'd be enough to have Princess Azula or Prince Zuko eating chocolate. :D Or me eating it as I write-- though that sounds like an added bonus. Tell me, how do writing prompts work exactly? Do I title scenes using words to describe chocolate? Put chocolate in the story itself? Or perhaps I could use the description of chocolate (i.e. smooth, dark, sweet, bitter) to prompt what I write?

Silly writer, can't figure out how prompts work! :)

I'm off to read!

P.S. Thanks to the people of Writers Who Are Children group for pointing out that my blog could use more pictures.


  1. I still haven't done my summer reading yet. *guilty* OOH MILKSHAKE! I'm hungry.

  2. Yeah, I hear ya! On both things! :D School starts tomorrow and I am still 94 pages away from finishing. The print is small, so I only read 99 pages since this blog post and I don't feel like starting the 100th page 'cause it starts a new chapter. *sigh* Hope your summer reading is a good one!

  3. I just requested my book from the library yesterday. School starts next Wednesday for me. :P Well, good luck! I've heard good things about the book I have to read (The Glass Castle) but I obviously I haven't started yet ... XD

  4. The title sounds cool, at least. :)

    I want a milkshake! Dang picture!