Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Series of Posts!

Hi everyone!
I am going to begin posting a new series of passages which I feel may be beneficial to novice writers. What about, you ask?
*drum roll*


What, no fireworks? Jeez! I need to fire that guy! *sigh* J Oh well.

My next three (or more) posts will all be about characters. Creating them, knowing them, telling their story . . .
Easy huh?
Well, I don’t like pie so . . . guess not.
The bad taste? Yeah, that’s from all the Mary-Sues dominating the bookshelves! As a writer, I have gone through the Mary-Sue phase.
The first sign: Denial.
“No! I love my character! She’s no Mary-Sue! By the way, what is that exactly?”

We’ll talk more about that in the near future. Promise. J
Still waters always run deep!


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